CMS For Athletics

SIDHelp is a Content Management System (CMS) built for athletics. We gear our system to be easy to use for athletic administration. No need to have a web administrator, your athletic staff will be able to easily update your site as needed.

Custom Designs

Each site is built with their own custom look and feel. We take your logos and your ideas and make your site unique.

Mobile Friendly

All of our sites are mobile friendly and look good on your phone, tablet or desktop. The package you select determines if we use a responsive or adaptive approach.


We use Google Analytics on all your fan pages so that you can see where people are going on your site. You can even track different campaigns if you would like in order to see how some advertisements are doing for you.

Social Media Integration

If you want, you can automatically post items such as scores and news articles directly to Facebook and Twitter. In addition, our SIDHelp Platinum package comes with Open Graph protocol for enhanced integration with social media sites.

Ad/Sponsor Management

Display ads or sponsors on your site and you keep 100% of all money you generate. Ads don't have to be for businesses, you can advertise events you have going on at your school. For example, you could advertise about homecoming, sport camps or your online store.

Roster Management

Build nice looking roster pages by just filling out our forms. We handle the styling and making the page look good. You can add players and coaches into your rosters, complete with headshots, bio, and link to stats, news and photo galleries. Each season you can "graduate" your rosters the next year making less data entry for you.

Schedule Management

After entering in all the schedules for each team SIDHelp will automatically generate pages for schedules and results as well as a scoreboard. After reporting the results for the event all schedule pages are updated as well as your record for the team.

News Articles

Multiple users can post news articles and you have the ability to approve or deny the article. Easy to upload and add photos to your articles. Post date stories and they will show up on the date/time you specify. Easily share your news items with your subscribers via email, text, Facebook or Twitter.

Splash Pages

Splash pages allow for visitors to see custom messages before entering your site. This functionality is exceptional for advertising special events and announcement.

Document Management

Document management allows for convenient upload and viewing of documents such as PDF, Word, and Excel files.

Staff Management

Enter in department staff and contact info in an easy to use form. SIDHelp then takes over and builds a staff page that is easy for visitors to read.

Form Manager

This is a web based form builder that allows you to easily create online forms, validate and collect data within minutes. Entries can be emailed to the person of your choice as well as exported to Excel.

Multi-User Admin

SIDHelp allows you to give access to the admin section to anyone you would like. Each user registers and then you approve or deny them access. You also have the ability to give different users different access. For example, create a group of users who don't have access to news stories but has access to report scores.

Everything Is Archived

Each time you enter info into SIDHelp we store it in a database. All your seasons, news, rosters, schedules, scores, photos are archived for fans and yourself to retrieve. You can even go in and enter in info from seasons as far back as you would like.